Sense of Calm after a Day of De-Cluttering


It’s crazy how much rubbish I collect in such a small amount of time (and I wonder why I have no money). Only a few months ago did I give away a whole car full of my belongings to charity but now here I am spend my day de-cluttering AGAIN. To be fair I enjoy de-cluttering and clearing out my space… it gives me a sense of calm in a world full of chaos (YES that’s a Clueless quote) but seriously…

Here’s my 6 reasons why you should de-clutter your space:

  1. Everyday life will become more productive, focused and organised when you’re living/working in a clear space
  2. You save time when decided what to wear (saves you from having to try and find that thing thats been stuffed under all of those other things)
  3. You can actually enjoy your space and SEE your belongings
  4. Visually seeing how much stuff you have and don’t use/want will stop you from impulse buying in the future (in theory)
  5. It’s easier to clean your space when you have less crap to stay on top of
  6. Clear space = clear mind

I started with my books and got rid of at least half of them. I decided I needed to stop kidding myself, if I haven’t already read it… I probably will not.

I moved onto papers and was surprised at how much rubbish I keep like manuals for things I don’t even have anymore and school work sheets from years ago! Gaalll get rid of it.

Yeah this was on of my smaller clean outs but in total I got rid of a suitcase full of books, a small bag of clothes, two pairs of shoes, one of my old guitars and my keyboard I haven’t used in ages.

Feeling good, feeling fresh, feeling like I can breath.

To keep or not to keep my Harry Potter books though? I think I’ll keep those for now…


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