Get in Loser, we’re going on a Road Trip.

Jumping in the car and heading out on a spontaneous day trip to some place new is what I live for. I’d been craving adventure for the past couple of weeks but like most people I have responsibilities (work, University). To get my quick fix I thought I’d do a little stalking on my favorite travel channels and blogs but as a result I suffered from some serious travel envy.

I came to the conclusion that watching other people travel and do amazing things wasn’t going to cut it for my quick fix, I needed to get out of my house ya feel? I called my good old pal Kyha, she came on over and we jumped in the car the very next day for a…


18142861_598140363717342_1156257631_nWe drove out of Brisbane, up into the mountains to a little village called Montville. It was about a 1 and a half hour drive from my home in Brisbane or if you’re coming from / wanting to visit the Sunshine Coast after Montville it’s only a 30 minute drive away. The scenery was amazing on the drive up, such a shame I was being tailgated the whole way…oh how I dislike people who ride so close to me when I’m driving. Once we got to the top we grabbed a drink at a (dang pricey) cafe that over looked the most beautiful view.


There were so many nick-nack shops along Main Street. We didn’t buy anything (cause we’re broke AF and buying food alone was pushing the budget) but it was fun to look at the qwerky shops and have a laugh at some of the strange things we saw like the caged Barbie dolls Kyha’s pictured standing next to… just normal things you see in Montville.


After shopping around for a couple of hours we decided to eat (again) at a super cute French Cafe which also overlooked the stunning view but for the most part the cafe was a view in itself. It was called the Poet Cafe, if you are ever in Montville I recommend it for the view and atmosphere alone.

We started to drive back home but needed to make one more stop before hitting the highway. We needed to see the Glass House Mountains!  


Dang! Look at that view, beautiful.

It was re-freshing to get myself out of my usual environment and surroundings and I didn’t even need to travel that far away from home to do so (3 hour round trip!). While it didn’t cure me of the travel bug it did curb my travel cravings for now… just holding my breath until my Singapore/Thailand trip at the end of the year! Yes, I’m very excited…

Lots of Love,

Holly Xx.




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