Get inspired | Make a Travel Vision Board

Having caught the travel bug but being unable to randomly leave the country (not until UNI breaks at least) I decided to make myself a lovely travel scrapbook/vision board.

I think this is a great idea if you want to travel but can’t leave just quite yet because:

  • You’ll get to look at all the pretty places
  • It will motivate you to keep saving up those dollars
  • You can narrow down the places you really want visit

So you may have read my post about de-cluttering (Sense of Calm after a Day of De-Cluttering) and in this post I was getting rid of a heap of books/paper. As I was sorting through my pile of books I came across the countless travel handouts they give you at those travel agencies. Of course I didn’t want to keep them because trust me when I say there was a LOT. However, I didn’t want to just throw them away!

I went through each book and cut out all the places I wanted to visit, I even discovered some new places too.

I think this is a great way to get inspired AND cut back on some of that dang clutter.

Where do you want to travel to?Β 

Lots of Love,

Holly Xx.


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