Self Care Sunday (SCS) | Day of Reflection

I am a believer in setting goals. I’m the type of person that needs to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. One of my goals was to take my self care more seriously because I think it is so important and truely affects how people feel towards themselves and the rest of the world.

I used to have very superficial goals, things like “Drop 15kg”, “Be perfect”, “Dress better”, “make lots of friends”, “have people actually like you” etc.

I’ve realised how silly all of that was so when it came around to making new goals I focused on two things, what I want to put out into the world (my art, my writing, my music), and how I want to improve my wellbeing/ how I feel (by doing things like travel, spa days, goal setting, de-cluttering, SCS’s etc.). All of these new goals made me see just how un-productive and silly my old ones were.

In saying all of this, from time to time I still get sucked into wanting to achieve those superficial goals, but I’m learning more and more to say no to myself.

Things I’ve learnt:

  •  It’s not acheivable to always be perfect
  • you’re an introvert so having a lot of friends might sound swell but in reality you enjoy time for yourself more so than with others and that’s okay
  • Most people do like you and if they don’t that is also okay
  • Dress for ya self, not for others
  • this is YOUR life
  • red is a wonderful colour, wear it more

NOTE TO SELF | Things I must stop doing: 

  • living to impress others (Only work towards impressing yourself)
  • Doing something because everyone else is
  • acting a certain way to have people like you (you can’t keep up that persona forever, so just quit doing it)


Always remind yourself…

You’re cool, you’re loved and you’re beautiful. 

P.S What are you doing for your self care sunday? I’m planning on watching a movie and doing a Lush face mask!

Lots of Love,

Holly Xx.



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