8 ‘Pick Me Ups’ for those Down Days

YOU and I and EVERYONE in between have down days.

Not wanting to talk to anybody or BE anybody.

When your body and mind feel so heavy, getting out of bed takes an unbelieveable amount of effort.

These days are rare for me now but they still happen and when they do I am prepared… I present to you my list of…


 And If they don’t manage to get me out of a Funk they WILL get me out of bed. From my experience staying in bed all day only makes matters WORSE.

  • Accept the state you are in, don’t force happiness.

Sometimes all you need is a good cry and if that’s the case just let it out.

  • Listen to music.

My go to album for when I’m sad is the New Moon soundtrack. Like YEAH it’s hella cheesy but it’s hella good too.

  • chuck on a face mask.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.10.01 am

and while you’re at it…

  • Run a bath

Just throw yourself a full blown spa day cause why not.

  • Go for a walk – get some fresh air!
  • WRITE.

Writing not only helps clear my mind but also helps me reflect on why I am feeling the way I am. 10/10 get a journal if you don’t already have one.

  • Write a song, paint a picture or express how you’re feeling in one way or another.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.10.23 am

Some of my proudest paintings or songs come from when I am sad or angry or feeling something. Take advantage of this mood you’re in!

  • Chat with a friend on the phone or over coffee (cause that’s what friends are for).


What’s your go to list of things to do when you’re in a funky mood? 

Lots of Love,

Holly Xx.




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