Thoughts this week no.1

Do things because I love to, not because I have to. Take time to do something I love, even if it may be unproductive. Not every single thing has to serve a purpose.

This week I started drinking more tea, pepermint is my absolute favorite at the moment.

I’ve been actively taking better care of my skin through applying sunscreen as well as using Usana’s skin care, I love it so much and it feels so great.

I want to stop holding myself back from doing things just because I am worried of what others will think. In saying this, I want to stop forcing myself to do things because of the fear that others will dislike me if I stop doing those things.

I have been binge watching Duan’s YouTube channel like crazy, she, and everyone she surrounds herself with are so inspiring!

I’ve started taking photos a whole heap more, and I love it. It makes me feel so happy and is a great way to express what it is that I am feeling!

Lastly, I have been meditating and doing bedtime yoga… I love Yoga for Bedtime (yoga with Adriene <3)

Love Holly x



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